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Hi everyone! I meant to post this sooner, but I have been busy training.

My name's Kelly, I'm 28 and live in Upstate New York. Long story short, I have been training all summer for a 100-mile bike ride around Cayuga Lake this Saturday! It's been a long summer of anywhere from 5 to 30 mile a day bike rides. This will be my second year doing this event.

The reason I am here is because I need motivation to keep going. After Saturday, I know that I will fall back into my bad habits. I was in really great shape last year, but over the winter I didn't do anything exercise-wise and ended up about 30 pounds overweight. Gotta love how the human body works, eh? Putting on weight is so easy but taking it off? Pfft. Near impossible, especially for a food-loving girl like me :)

My goal is to keep up the exercise I'm doing now beyond the Ride day and eventually be a size 6 and 140 pounds. Right now, that means dropping 2 sizes and 10 pounds, which doesn't sound like much but these extra 10 pounds are proving really impossible to lose!

If you all want to know more about training I've done before, I have another journal, 100milescloser. I have been tracking my training since June 28.

Good to meet you all, and good luck with your various goals! I look forward to sharing mine and reading more about yours!
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