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Hi everyone, and update on my goals!

Hi everybody, this is ruffian_wind's fitness journal. I decided that I would start posting under this name instead. I will also be posting on Fridays from now on because that is how my training schedule is laid out.

firesplace had asked me how many miles I've cycled this year. It's really hard to tell because I didn't count anything from January-June 29 of this year. I was commuting sporadically to and from work in between then. I started documenting my training from June 29th until present day. If you want to read all about that, then please feel free to read my journal and/or add me if you want. All of my posts are public, and I discuss training rides, how I felt, things I ate, and weight I lost.

Training summary for week 13 (9/21-9/27)
Goal: 45 miles (6 miles a day, 1 day of rest, one long 15+ mile ride, 1 day of rest)

Day 85: 7.8 miles
Day 86: 0 miles (day of rest)
Day 87: 17 miles (Erie Canal Trail...beautiful but hard on a road bike!!)
Day 88: 6 miles
Day 89: 6 miles
Day 90: 7 miles
Day 91: 6 miles (projected)

Total miles: 49.8

My goal for next week: Same, with the possibility of a longer ride on the weekend.  I hope you all are doing well!</lj>
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