SR Foxley (sr_foxley) wrote in friendly_health,
SR Foxley

Update for me...

So, how I did on last weeks' goals: EPIC FAIL!!!

I do have an excuse though: With the moving plans and being out of town for the entire weekend... well, I wasn't in the same state as my DDR pads most of the time, and told myself I was too busy to pull them out at other times. Yeah, I know, I could still have gotten some exercising in... D'oh!

Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to have time to do really any exercise in the next few days before I leave town more-or-less permanently. The entire month of October I'm going to be a house guest of my Uncle's and other friends within driving distance of Tacoma, so I seriously doubt I'm going to get much exercise done in that time. The good news is that the house we're buying has an awesome spot to set up my DDR gear to rock out fierce.

So.... for now, I'm not going to lie to myself and say that I'm going to make time or have good opportunity for exercise in the next month. However, I am committing to resuming exercise as soon as possible in the month of November, as soon as I get the DDR gear set up (which should be fairly soon after we get moved.)

In the mean time, I do hope to continue to read and offer support to people in this LJ community, eh!
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