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Last week's goals:
  • Belly Dancing every day - I decided every day wasn't good, I should just do 5 days.  And I did it.  And it was fun.  I've been feeling more active and graceful, and noticing it in everyday activities, like leaning over to load boxes of soda under the grocery cart.
  • Watch my eating - Did that, for the most part.  I didn't stuff myself like I usually do with a really good meal.  I still need to work on it, I'm such a hedonist, and NOT eating those last few bites of a really tasty something-or-another just seems wrong and takes SO much willpower.
  • Cut back ALL occasional sweets - Mostly.  I had a bowl of ice cream on Friday.  >.>  But I felt so HEAVY afterwards.  It made me feel bad physically.
Next week's goals:
  • More belly dancing!  *shimmyshimmyshake*
  • Get smaller portions at meals (less temptation to overeat)
  • No unhealthy sweets (I got myself some "No Sugar Added" frozen fruit bars to curb the urge to indulge)
As a side note, Teeka pointed something out here:

Does Exercise REALLY Make You Thin?

I read it (yes all 5 pages), and wow.  o.O  Explains a LOT.  I still plan to exercise, because I'm feeling the difference in my muscle tone, but that losing weight thing...  Looks like my choice to cut out sweets is a step in the right direction.  The bread thing will be hard.  I don't think I could go all Atkins.  Bleh.  Not healthy anyhow.
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