SR Foxley (sr_foxley) wrote in friendly_health,
SR Foxley

Knowledge is Power(tm)!

So... I don't imagine we've got many if any fitness experts in this community, eh. Still, though, I know I feel under-informed when it comes to just how to go about becoming and staying "physically fit." Firebringer made a note in her LJ yesterday (which spawned this community, actually) that got me thinking about the subject a lot more. Specifically, she linked an article that talked about the differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, what each type does to your body, and why each is important in a (for lack of a better word) holistic exercise program.

So... I know there have been a bazillion things written on the subject, but does anyone here have a link or three to particularly good articles or guides they'd like to share on the subject of personal fitness, losing weight, eating right, motivating oneself to exercise, how to exercise "right," or anything else having to do with the theme of this community?
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